What Is The Official Size Of A Dartboard

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Screw the hook to the wall. Center the screws on each side to tighten the structure. Then you have to level it to make sure the hook is straight or dart board regulation facing each other.

A number of games are played to decide the winner. Typically, players will play the best of five "legs" to decide who wins the "set". Each leg starts at 501 and finishes once a player has checked out with a double. Any number of sets can be played.

That way, it will be possible to stand distance for a dart board on your strip as you throw. However, the toe should remain positioned behind the front of your strip tape. This is where the term toes line comes from.

However, the key word here is ‘minimum’. You can go further than your allotted 7ft 9.25inches and, as you’ll see further down this article, many darts leagues often do. Why? Because it’s impressive!

The distance from the board to the throwing line will almost always stay the same, no matter if the player is male or distance from dartboard to line female. However, some leagues may include a female throwing line. In this case, the measurement from the dartboard to the throwing line should be 3-6 inches closer (8-15 centimeters). This is ultimately your decision.

So far we’ve listed the dart playing measurements. This includes the hanging distance, throwing distance, height of a dart board and diagonal distance. However there are also specific measurements that tournament sanctioned dartboards must follow as specified by the British Darts Association.

This game is played with a board that has 20 equal parts. Also, distance from dartboard to line the objective of the game is to win points by throwing the darts. Each of these darts has to be as close as possible to the board’s center to win more points. There are competitions worldwide where players test their talents. It should also be noted that there are specific rules where both the distance and dart board length the dartboard height are considered. This gives this game a greater seriousness and criteria for the competition.

Another thing that’s good about the dartboard mats is that they have the Oche (throwing line) marked. If you want to mark the Oche yourself, you will have to follow these guidelines:

The most common form of darts game is "501", where each player starts on 501 and has to score points as quickly as they can until the score reaches zero.

Different competitions will be played in Sets group, whereby players must win a Set by winning the Best of Five legs, before asserting the match in the best sets of the ff;  

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